An OUI Lawyer Can Fight For Your Rights

If you are charged with OUI in Massachusetts it is crucial to have an OUI lawyer fight for your rights. A conviction can result in serious criminal penalties and a loss of driving privileges. The punishments come from two different sources, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the criminal court system. An OUI can be a life changer for individuals, it can put their job at risk and severely curtail their ability to travel for work or with family and friends.

OUI is the state crime known in other states as DUI, Driving Under the Influence and DWI. This offense is a misdemeanor and can result in hefty fines, license suspension and probation. If an individual is involved in a serious accident and hurts or kills another person the OUI can be elevated to a felony.

A criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the science of OUI can help you defend your case. The attorney can also understand the nuances of the field sobriety tests that law enforcement officers use to build their cases against individuals.

When a person is charged with OUI they will appear in district court (Portland Unified Court, Bridgton District Court or West Bath District Court) at their arraignment and if there is a request for a jury the case may be transferred to superior court for trial before a judge or a jury. Patrick Donovan spent years as a prosecutor and handled thousands of OUI prosecutions, he is very familiar with the arraignment process, motion hearings and bench or jury trials.

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