Accounting Hattingen

About Accounting Hattingen

An accountant is responsible for maintaining the financial records of a private individual or company. This may include verifying documentation, preparing reports and analyzing trends. In addition, an accountant may be responsible for resolving accounting discrepancies or ensuring that internal controls are followed.

Tax advisors in Hattingen have extensive knowledge of US taxation laws and can help individuals and businesses find efficient ways to legally reduce their tax liabilities. They also offer strategic planning advice and assistance in navigating complex rules and regulations.

Sparkasse Hattingen is a savings bank (sparkassen). The Bank is located in Germany and offers checking accounts, credit and debit cards, loans, insurance, payment protection, bill pay, real estate, investments, retirement, securities, financial investment and merchant services. The Bank is a member of the Institutional Deposit Guarantee Scheme in Germany. Its business focus is on broad participation in developing citizens’ prosperity and increasing local economic strength rather than maximising profits. Buchhaltung Hattingen

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