Month: May 2023

Should You Buy a 3DTV Now?

In this post-Avatar era, gadgeteers have been bathed in the promising glow of the latest 3DTVs. You may well ask, is 3DTV for real, is it a fad, should you pay the premium for a 3DTV or are you better off buying a standard HDTV? Although we’ve been impressed by the 3DTVs we’ve seen, we’re […]

Battery for Tag Heuer Connected Review

The Tag Heuer Connected watch is a high-end luxury smartwatch that does more than keep your wrist looking classy. It also features fitness and health-tracking capabilities that rival the top WearOS devices on the market, thanks to a partnership with Google and Intel. The 430mAh battery has easily lasted me a full day with moderate […]

How to Evaluate a Moving Company

A umzugsunternehmen provides customers with a service to transport their belongings from one location to another. The company typically works with an experienced team of employees to pack, transport and unpack boxes and furniture. Some companies also offer additional services, such as junk removal and cleaning. Customers should look for a moving company that has […]

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