10 Must-See Attractions While Traveling To Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the Capital of the Netherlands. It is not only largest city of the Netherlands but also the sixth-largest metropolitan area in Europe. Like all other big cities in the world in Amsterdam there are some attractions to visit here. So don’t miss to travel the following 10 places.

Anne Frank Huis is the most popular visiting attraction in Amsterdam. You can experience about Anne Frank’s Death Form typhoid shortly before her concentration camp was liberated near the end of World War II. As well as you will enjoy here natural sight around Anne frank Huis.

Van Gogh Museum is houses the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings. It is a museum in Amsterdam. It is the second most popular attraction in the city. So you shouldn’t miss the chance to travel the amazing works in this collection.

Rijksmuseum is located at the Muesumplein in Amsterdam. It is the national museum of Netherlands. Garden areas on each side of the Rijksmuseum and on sunny days are pleasant places to take a break and watch the world.

Royal Palace is one of the four palaces in the Netherlands which is at the disposal of Queen Beatrix by Act of Parliament. It was built as city hall during the Dutch Golden Age in the seventeenth century. It is supported by over ten thousand wooden piers the help distribute the weight of the large structure over the soft, marshy landscape in this area of the city.

The Stedelijk Museum is located at museum Square. It is museum for modern art in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It have large collection of painting by Kazimir Malevich. As well as it is important temporary exhibitions of modern art, design and photography.

NEMO is one the best attractions in Amsterdam. It is the largest science center in the Netherlands. It is architect by Renzo piano. It is located right next to the Amsterdam central station and the Maritime museum.

The Westerkerk is right next to Amsterdam’s Jordaan district at the bank of the Prinsengracht canal. It is as a Protiestant church in Amsterdam designed by Hendrick de Keyser. Near the Westerkerk is the Homomonument, a memorial for men and women persecuted for their homosexuality. You will charmful to see the canal here. Don’t miss it.

The Magere Brug is one the main attraction in Amsterdam. It is bridge over the river Amstel in the city centre of Amsterdam. The Megere Brug is a bascule bridge made of white-painted wood. It was built in 1934. best coffeeshops

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